How to WIN in any business? Put your customers FIRST!

So many people in sales and in business┬áspend too much time talking about how great they are or their product is. The features of their new widget… The awards they’ve won… Their impressive list of certifications… But it’s not about YOU! — Internalize this, not just in the verbiage you use when selling, but genuinely embody this as a mindset and you can’t help but WIN in business.

Even as someone who earns their living in the literal spotlight, it’s about putting your client in the spotlight. Making them the hero and putting their needs above your own.

Watch the video below to see this kind of thinking in action…

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  • Cheyenne Covington
    Posted at 00:29h, 03 December

    I have been using your tips over the last year and now I have a personal invite to Cuba on the 12th for the Jazz festival and a performance in NYC in March. Thank you for your time and patience.