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Max Major Digital Assets

Below you will find some helpful assets for promoting our event together. If there is something else you require or a different format that you need, please email:

Approved Headshots

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Max Major

Max Major General Headshot

Max Major Headshot

Headshot for Promoting Virtual Shows

Max Major Logo

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Max Major Logo
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Max Major Logo
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Max Major Spade
Spade Logo Only - Transparent PNG

Max Major Walk On Video

Please download the following video to play immediately before Max walks on stage.

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Max Major Stage Intro

Please read the following before bringing Max On Stage:

Our guest today is a world renowned mentalist.

While on Americas Got Talent, Simon Cowell called his act, “The Most Astonishing thing I’ve ever seen”

He’s been called before two Department of Defense intelligence agencies to demonstrate his innovative techniques in Body Language and Influence.

Here to Demonstrate some real life Jedi mind tricks, please welcome – The Mind Hacker – MAX MAJOR

Stage Background Image

Please download the following graphic for display on screen during Max’s performance

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